Friday, August 25, 2017

Every year, in early spring and summer, people start preparing themselves for that first boating trip of the season. Preparing means more than simply putting gas in the boat for many. They also take this time to ensure their cooler is cleaned out and ready to go because nothing makes a boating trip better than to have a cold one or two with your fishing buddies. If your cooler has suffered and failed after last summer, now could be the time to consider a COLEMAN 70 QT XTREME MARINE COOLER.

Many looking for a marine or fishing cooler get hung up on ice retention times. However, when it comes to a quality cooler that can hold up to regular uses in a harsh mating environment ice retention times should only be one deciding factor among many. We have outlined those below, but also realize that many are short on time and ultimately only care how long a cooler they are looking to purchase can hold ice. Therefore, we have included the results of our Ultimate Ice Challenge below. This ice challenge is our most sophisticated ice challenge to date as a result of what our over 1.1 million viewers have asked to see. The table below is sortable so you can value cooler based on price, ice retention, etc.

Why Choose a Marine Cooler?

Marine coolers are built to take the extreme conditions of boating. They are rust resistant, slip proof, and UV protected. They offer a lot more insulation than standard coolers as well. Some may even have a commercial grade gasket lid to keep the hot summer heat out. Many of them have rulers on the lid to help you measure out the fish you have caught. Best of all many are able to resist odors that fish can sometimes leave behind in other coolers.
How to Find the Best Marine Cooler

One thing you definitely want to know about before you buy a marine cooler is how long it is rated to hold ice for. You will want a cooler that holds ice for as long as you’ll need, whether it is a day or a week. Luckily for you, we have already conducted a myriad of tests and have ranked just about all coolers available (see table above).

Do you want a cooler stable and solid enough for you to sit on and use as an extra chair or casting platform? This could also be an important factor in your decision. This would mean nonskid and perhaps a high end roto molded plastic.
Higher End Boating Cooler Choices

Cost is also a big deciding factor for many people. Not everyone wants to spend hundreds of dollars for a cooler, even if it is worth it. The YETI Tundra is a high end extremely durable cooler. Tundra coolers are a premium priced cooler but, according to most Yeti coolers are well worth it. You can decide for yourself by reading the full review here. If you are not a YETI fan, the Pelican ProGear Elite cooler review can be found here. Either of these coolers are better than the average cooler, but perhaps more expensive than some want to invest. Refer back to the table above to gauge how these coolers stack up against each other in terms of ice retention times.

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Aggregate Cement - How to Make It

Earning Aggregate Cement

The practice of turning aggregates into aggregate sidewalk repair contractors in Manhattan New York isn't complex, but it is extreme and requires a whole lot of time. Aggregates-which is basically stone, sand, gravel, and also slag-are crushed, ground up, and built to the fine powder we see in the hardware stores. But how does this happen? What is the procedure for creating aggregate sidewalk repair contractor Manhattan, and where does it take place?
sidewalk repair Manhattan

The entire process begins at the quarry. Rocks are the foundation material in aggregate sidewalk repair Manhattan so that there must be plenty of rocks. The rocks must be mined from the earth and brought to the surface, or they are recycled from previously used aggregates, such as old sidewalks and road beds.

The stones are placed through a set of heavy machines that first break them, then crush them then grind them into a fine powder. The powder is then poured through vibrating filters, which sift out the coarser pieces. The finer the aggregate, the further through the filters the powder falls, until the finest powder reaches the very bottom and becomes the base for aggregate sidewalk repair Manhattan NY.

You may be tempted to think that that is the end of the procedure, but it isn't. The powder still has impurities in it, and these must be removed since they may have a detrimental influence on the construction projects. The powder is placed in a kiln and heated to 3000 degrees, which burns off the contaminants and other harmful foreign matter.

What is left is a fine powder which has only the strongest, purest elements. The aggregate DOT sidewalk violation Manhattan is then either left in a dry state and shipped in sacks to hardware stores and other outlets, or it's kept at the quarry and loaded onto Manhattan sidewalk repair trucks when someone orders it. The powder is then mixed with water inside the rotating drum of the sidewalk repair Manhattan truck, which keeps it from hardening, and is then transported to the construction site and slowly poured and molded.

Aggregate sidewalk repair Manhattan is used for all sorts of construction projects, including road beds, sidewalks, tunnels, airports, and patios. The approach is long and intense, but the end product benefits all of us.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

A Quick Primer On Soundbars

Surround sound brings a thrilling aspect to your residence theater experience. However, in most cases, it isn't feasible to support the satellite speakers had a need to generate surround effects. There can be issues in running cables to the speakers, or maybe there's not room enough to integrate them. Without surround sound, you happen to be able to savor simply have the knowledge. That is where soundbars for sale step up.
soundbars for sale

Earphones for sale is a specifically developed loudspeaker box that creates a music result from the single cabinet. They're significantly wider than they are tall. That is partly on account of acoustical factors and also to have the capability of being able to attach the audio device right above or below a present, generally flat panel TVs. As a result of house restrictions many HD TVs frequently have smaller speakers, ultimately causing poor audio quality and intelligibility.

How do soundbars for sale accomplish that?

Just MP3 players for sale  changes numerous speakers. A normal surround sound program features three speakers while in the front (Remaining, Core, & Right) and 2 or 4 speakers while in the back, for surround effects. A three-route MP3 players for sale changes all three front speakers. Nevertheless, you still require the rear speakers for certain EFX.

MP3 players for sale may do everything-complete surround audio from an easy to put in just one audio. Earphones for sale use multiple audio arrays & sophisticated technology signal processing to reproduce surround results, including the rear channels. It is truly impressive what sort of single-unit audio could replicate audio with good fidelity.

Exactly what does power or unpowered mean in soundbars for sale?

A/active MP3 players for sale  can be a completely self-contained surround sound technique that's related straight to your property cinema TV, DVD, blue ray person, and video game. There are two major features of a powered headphones for sale. Firstly, there's no need to obtain and install more gear. All you need is shipped within the package. This is a fairly solid edge. Secondly, the integrated sound and handling are specially-tuned for the soundbars for sale housing design, improving its sound effects to greater levels.

An unpowered/passive headphones for sale links into a home theater phone, the same as typical speakers, but there is just one of these. If you presently possess a property theater phone, an un-powered soundbars for sale might make one of the most numbers of sensation. And also if that you don't currently own a house theater phone, an unpowered MP3 players for sale  enables you to purchase a separate receiver that may support your place along with your factors much better than soundbars for sale.

Sunday, June 4, 2017


The MIGHTY MULE 502 Dual Automatic Gate Opener is America's #1 Do-It-Yourself Gate Opener, has NEW commercial features rarely found in a do-it-yourself gate opening kit. This heavy duty, commercial grade unit that is very easy to install. It has upgraded commercial features such as "soft start "and "soft stop" that will extend the life of your gate hardware and gate opener.

Upgrade Kit Includes:
Operator Arms (2)
6 ft. and 40 ft. power cables
Control box
(1) Entry transmitters
12 Volt transformer
(1) Batteries
Receiver with 10 ft. cable
Mounting brackets/installation hardware
Bracket hardware
Instruction manual
Installation video
Extended warranty form
Customer support card
Warning signs (four)


Designed for gates up to 18 ft long or 850 lbs per leaf
Large control box with room for extra battery and accessories
AC or Solar powered to meet the needs of 100% of the market
Professional GRADE Soft Start / Soft Stop feature increases life of hardware and opener
Designed for gates that open into or out from the property.
12-volt battery backup (included) opens and closes the gate even during power outage.
18 month Limited Warranty


• Low friction screw drive (linear actuator) rated for -5 ºF to +160 ºF (-20 ºC to +71 ºC). Use of heater bands on arm and control box will enhance performance in extreme cold temperatures.
• Powered by a 12 V motor with integral case hardened steel gear reducer. Motor speed reduced to 260 rpm. Generates 680 ft. lb. of torque at 12 V.
• Maximum opening arc of 110º. Approximate opening time (90º): 20 seconds, depending on weight of gate.


• The system is powered by a 12 Vdc, 7.0 Ah, sealed, rechargeable acid battery.
• Battery charge is maintained by a 120 Vac, 18 Vac output transformer rectified to 14.5 Vdc (40 VA) through the GTO control board. Blade-style control board fuse is rated for 15 A.
NOTE: The transformer should not be directly connected to any battery. Do not replace fuses with higher ampere rated fuses; doing so will void your warranty and may damage your control board.
• OPTIONAL: Battery charge is maintained by GTO Solar Panel Charger: float voltage of 14.5 Vdc output from a 10-7/8” x 10-1/2”solar panel. Generates minimum of 5 W at 300 mA. A gated diode on the control board prevents battery discharge.


• GTO microprocessor-based control board is set for single leaf, pull-to-open gate installations. DIP switches can be adjusted to accommodate an optional kit for push-to-open gates (see Accessory Catalog).
• Control board has temperature compensated circuits.
• A circuit on the control board regulates charging. “Sleep draw” is 25 mA; “active draw” is 2 to 5 A.
• Auto-memorization of digital transmitter code.
• GTO remote-mounted RF receiver tuned to 318 MHz.
• Operator length with push-pull tube fully retracted is 40-1/4” mounting point to mounting point. Max stroke 22”.
• Adjustable auto-close timer (15 to 120 s), and obstruction sensitivity.
• Power terminal block accommodates a transformer or solar panels. NOTE: Do not use solar panel and transformer at the same time.
• DIP switches simplify setup of gate operator.
• Accessory terminal block fully compatible with push button controls, digital keypads, safety loops, etc.
• Control board allows connection of safety edge sensors and photoelectric sensors.
• Audio entrapment alarm sounds if unit encounters an obstruction twice while opening or closing

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Hustle your marketing with this canvas

Marketing is the process of introducing your target demographic to your product. It’s as simple as that. So how does that happen? Through a lot of different ways, many of them unique to individual products, market places and people.

I’ve been working in this field for close to 10 years now. I have worked with global companies, small startups, punk bands, a skateboarding company, government offices and a dude who I’m 80% sure was in the Russian mafia.

In that time, I've learned that marketing is fucking easy.

In that time, I’ve learned that no matter what you’re marketing or where, you need to define the same information and lessons, or you will not succeed. This applies if you’re a startup, an artist, a WordPress dev house or a gorecore metal band.

  • What is your product?
  • What are its marketable elements?
  • Based on that, what is your key message?
  • Who is your target audience?
  • Who are their influencers?
  • What free channels do you have access to?
  • What paid channels do you have access to?
  • What are your goals?
  • What are your first three phases?

I’ve put this into a canvas that I use regularly.

It’s inspired by the lean startup canvas. I know this isn’t an original idea, I’m certainly not claiming to have invented it. There’s other marketing canvases out there.

But I did make this one, and I’ve found it works every time. It gets the people I work with thinking about the direction of their marketing and establishes a high level plan.

This isn’t a total marketing plan. It’s definitely a bird’s eye view, intended to be used as the starting point, before you further develop and define what you’re doing. For many people, the initial brainstorming around their marketing never happens, or it doesn’t go anywhere. Try this instead.

Friday, March 10, 2017

Guest Post: Handmade Quilts - Warm Quilted Memories

I have a love for handmade quilts that has me out almost every Saturday, searching at yard sales and various other places for them. One of my fondest memories, as a child, is when several of the women in our neighborhood would gather in our home for a 'quilting bee'.

The quilt they would work on would be secured neatly on a wooden quilting frame hanging from the ceiling. The women would work for days sewing every stitch with love and talking a mile a minute while their hands created a beautiful piece of American Art.

The ladies would bring their children and a covered dish. Oh what a wonderful time we would have! We children would play all day while our Mothers quilted and caught up on the latest news from each other. When it was time to come in and enjoy the wonderful food our Mothers had prepared, one of the ladies would go out and ring the dinner bell in the front yard by the well. When we heard the dinner bell ring all of us would be getting quite hungry by then and we would race each other to the house.

Handmade quilts are for sale as they are a symbol of the things we value most in our lives. Many reflect the lives of the people who create them. There is a feeling of accomplishment with anything you make by hand.

Warm quilts are a welcome on a cold winters night. There is a long history behind the art of quilt making. There is a story woven into each one made. I use handmade quilts for sale to decorate my home. Many of the ones I have are old and frayed around the edges, but I treasure each one the same and hope to make a handmade quilt myself in the near future.

Handmade quilts are a wonderful way to express and preserve our love of life and family. They are a great gift to pass down to our loved ones and a way to show the changes in our lives. It is mostly the love and care placed into each handmade quilt that makes them so valuable and desirable to have in our homes.

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Small Business Blog, Big Business Results

Small Business Blog, Big Business Results

Businesses of all sizes often struggle to find high impact, low cost methods of attracting and engaging customers.

While some say social media and SEO have leveled the playing field, blogging is by far one of the most effective ways for small businesses to achieve numerous business objectives.

What can you achieve with a blog? As a content management system that can be optimized for search and social shares, blogs with great content can help a company attract new customers, engage existing customers, connect with journalists and connect with potential new hires. There are many business communication goals that can be realized through blogging.

Monday, March 6, 2017

Guest Post: Tag Heuer Luxury Watches - Precision Meets Performance

Have a Tag Heuer around your wrist? Well, then you certainly rule time! But if you don't have one, here are reasons why you must get one. Vouched for their dependability, performance and endurance, Tag Heuer watches spell innovation, precision and perfection. Founded in 1860 by Edouard Heuer, this brand is a celebrated brand, a leading producer of prestigious sports watches and chronographs.

Ever wondered what makes these designer watches so special? Well, it is the only watch brand to offer instruments that are accurate to 1/10th, 1/100th and 1/1000th of a second for wristwatches, and to 1/10,000th of a second for timekeeping. Now that's called commitment to quality. So if you choose to flaunt a Tag Heuer designer watch your passion for precision certainly reflects.

Vintage Tag Heuer watches are icons of design. Every creation mesmerizes you. Be it sports watches for men or the more ornate ones for women. These incredibly stylish luxury watches come in a wide range of collection. It is a preferred choice of the fast and performance-driven.

Let's get to know some of top designer watches from Tag Heuer so that you can choose the one that suits you:

The famous Monaco powered by the Chronomatic Calibre 11, it is the world's first automatic chronograph. This square-cased, water-resistant watch became a rage after it was featured in a 1970 classic car-racing film.

Inspired from the Monaco is the vintage design of Tag Heuer Silverstone series. Square cased with rounded edges in polished stainless steel, colorful dial loaded with all modern chronograph functions- you'll surely fall in love with it. If you've the gentlemen's spirit in you then settle for the Carerra Gents series.

Sober, elegant the Carrera Chronograph combines refinement with the spirit of sport. Breaking all conventions of watch designing, harmonizing sports and prestige is the next creation of Tag Heuer-the Link series, the choice of today's sportsmen.

Closely following is the Golf Watches for professional golfers and the Aquaracer Automatic series- a water resistant watch for providing the accuracy that all water sports demand. Then there is the Formula 1 series which is crafted with great attention to detail. This series of watches blend art with technical precision so well that it has become the hottest selling product in the luxury watch market.

And as all established brands do, Tag Heuer has luxury watches for women. Timepieces that retain the durability of a sports watch but cater to the fashion needs of a woman at the same time. An apt example would be the Diamond Fiction-dazzling with 879 diamonds on the bezel, this one's surely going to make you feel special.

Every luxury timepiece from Tag Heuer watches is an object of desire. Flaunt at a business meeting or wear them to a beach party...admiration is guaranteed.

Saturday, March 4, 2017

5 Online Marketing Essentials for Small Business Marketers

Online Marketing Essentials for Small Business Marketers

As new businesses are started every day across the U.S., many of those entrepreneurs are grappling with the realities of how to market their ideas, products and services.

Limited resources and an overabundance of options requires filtering and prioritization when it comes to where marketing investments are made, whether it’s content, blogging, social media, or SEO.

Common questions include: What to measure? What if it fails? What should we outsource?

Here are a few answers to those questions that I was asked as prep for an interview:

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Is Finding Your Business Blog a Mystery? 3 Tips for Blog Promotion & Findability

Is Finding Your Business Blog a Mystery? 3 Tips for Blog Promotion & Findability

With millions of blogs and other social content to compete against, the challenge of standing out can seem overwhelming for business and personal bloggers alike.

But it doesn’t have to be a mystery for customers to find your corporate blog. If you have interesting and useful things to say, there is an audience seeking that very information.

The connection between social media and blog promotion for companies is logical: Publish a blog post and then tweet it out or post a link to Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+.