Friday, March 10, 2017

Guest Post: Handmade Quilts - Warm Quilted Memories

I have a love for handmade quilts that has me out almost every Saturday, searching at yard sales and various other places for them. One of my fondest memories, as a child, is when several of the women in our neighborhood would gather in our home for a 'quilting bee'.

The quilt they would work on would be secured neatly on a wooden quilting frame hanging from the ceiling. The women would work for days sewing every stitch with love and talking a mile a minute while their hands created a beautiful piece of American Art.

The ladies would bring their children and a covered dish. Oh what a wonderful time we would have! We children would play all day while our Mothers quilted and caught up on the latest news from each other. When it was time to come in and enjoy the wonderful food our Mothers had prepared, one of the ladies would go out and ring the dinner bell in the front yard by the well. When we heard the dinner bell ring all of us would be getting quite hungry by then and we would race each other to the house.

Handmade quilts are for sale as they are a symbol of the things we value most in our lives. Many reflect the lives of the people who create them. There is a feeling of accomplishment with anything you make by hand.

Warm quilts are a welcome on a cold winters night. There is a long history behind the art of quilt making. There is a story woven into each one made. I use handmade quilts for sale to decorate my home. Many of the ones I have are old and frayed around the edges, but I treasure each one the same and hope to make a handmade quilt myself in the near future.

Handmade quilts are a wonderful way to express and preserve our love of life and family. They are a great gift to pass down to our loved ones and a way to show the changes in our lives. It is mostly the love and care placed into each handmade quilt that makes them so valuable and desirable to have in our homes.

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